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Let's help each other improve our businesses!

This site has been created to build a community of like minded business professionals and database solution builders using the latest online databases and associated tools to transform their businesses. Regular blog posts cover reviews of various databases and apps, how to articles and other related subjects. The forum is a place where you can network with other similar users, ask questions and support each other.

I hope you'll find the site useful - if you have any suggestions please do contact us (at the bottom of this page).

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Why Online Database Expert?

There are many forum sites associated with specific database solutions - including the 3 main platforms that I currently work with (Airtable, Knack and Ninox). Here you will be able to ask different questions - and receive unbiased answers, such as:

  • I'm thinking of building a project management app and want my customers to be able to view and interact with their projects - which database should I use?

  • I am running my business on Microsoft Access - how should I go about switching to a cloud solution?

  • I want to link my Airtable solution to MailChimp - how do I do that?

  • I'm looking for an expert to help me build a system to run my business.

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