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Ninox is a Cross Platform / Cloud database solution. It's easy to learn language makes it super flexible

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Tadabase came out of Beta today and I thought it would be good to add a section for it here.

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This category covers integration tools such as Integromat and Zapier

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General topics around online databases and supporting apps

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Build cloud based solutions with comprehensive security. Embed them on your site.

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Amazingly simple database that looks like a spreadsheet includes great collaboration features

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Here we discuss forms apps such as Cognito forms etc

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If you'd like proffessional help to build your solution...

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  • Zoho have just announced an update of their developer platform for Zoho Creator aided at developers planning to build SaaS Solutions on the platform. Features will include lifecycle management, subscriptions and multiple tenancy. This could be a very exciting opportunity for people looking to build solutions for others. Apps created with the platform can only be sold through Zoho's marketplace - but this provides an immediately available route to market. I'll update this post when I know more.
  • Yesterday, FileMaker introduced their fully Cloud offering which seems to be offering fully hosted and cloud based server/client service for FileMaker apps. The apps are still built using the Mac or Windows based apps as before. This should be seen and a great move for FileMaker customers who can afford/justify the fairly large $39 per user per month licence fee - and with a minimum of 5 users. To put this price in perspective, Knack's Professional licence is $79 per month with unlimited users and Ninox is $8.33 per user per month! 10 User Comparison over 12 months Tadabase - $888.00 (for Plus plan unlimited users) Knack - $948.00 (Note - would be the same for 100 users+) Ninox - $999.60 Airtable - $2400.00 (for Pro licence) FileMaker - $4,680.00 That's certainly quite a spread of pricing - and in my opinion this doesn't reflect the value of respective products in any way.
  • I have just updated the Database Comparator to include Tadabase - and also made it available as a Google Sheet so that it's more accessible for people.