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Oct 1

Anyone know about Tadabase.io


Following a conversation with Carl yesterday, I decided to take a look at Tadabase - for me a new entrant to the world of online databases and still in Beta (no licence fees at the moment).

It was immediately obvious that Tadabase is virtually a clone of Knack so I was wondering if anyone knows any of the history here before I decide whether to do a review or even use for client work?

Oct 4

Julian, I have been looking at this platform also. The similarities are many. Ex knack developer? The reason why Knack new build has take so long. It looks very interesting!

Hi Roger - similarities definitely outweigh differences - there must be a story there. However, I have had some communication with Tadabase and they sent me this link which is interesting:




It'll be very interesting to see how it develops vs Knack V2

Oct 4

It really will - of all the potential advantages on offer the key one I would miss is "conditional Rules" - I use that a lot.


Lack of GDPR/HIPAA is a concern (currently).


The ability to add to your own AWS S3 bucket is fantastic!

I agree about conditional rules but I've discovered that their 'Equation' fields can output text values and include the if(condition, true value, false value) construct maybe it's not as important:



Oct 5

That's interesting Julian. I also noted that you can "score" multiple choice fields - I did not look deep enough to see if these can be used in a similar manner to conditional rules.


I spent a good few hours creating a few simple databases and started to get some quite impressive results, but when I went back to the knack builder, it was like a breath of fresh air - nice and simple! (I guess that is just familiarity).


Having your own S3 buckets, dedicated domains and issued SSL is a big draw for me.

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