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May 28

RSS or atom Feed


Hi @juliank ,

I'm feed user - prefer to aggregate all the blogs and news sources I read into a feed reader with their RSS or atom feeds. When I try to find a feed source for your blog URL (https://www.onlinedatabase.expert/blog), it comes up with nothing-- could you consider providing a feed for the blog?



Hi Jeremy


I've added an RSS button to the blog page - I'm not really certain how these are used so would you mind checking it out?



That worked, thanks.


The feed button just gives me the correct URL for directing my feed reader to access that .xml document. I was just checking against that main URL for the blog, and a lot of times blogs will redirect requests for a feed to the feed URL, or else feed readers are able to assume the feed URL from the main URL for the blog (I think the standard URL format is usually `/blog/feed`). Yours is a slightly different URL format (`/blog-feed`) so I think my feed reader's regex guessing algorithm couldn't find the feed or something.


But by pointing it directly to that feed URL that your button generates, I was able to configure it to pull down your feed.


Thanks, again.

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