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Filemaker re-branding as Claris

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

Filemaker have just announced that they are re-branding under the Claris name and the Claris Platform!

I was particularly interested to read in this article about the '4 Pillars' of the platform:

  1. Cloud-First – All new technologies will be built in the cloud with active migration to the cloud while continuing to support hybrid on-premise customers.

  2. Native Web and Mobile experiences - Deliver native web and mobile experiences with consistent application authoring and consumption experiences.

  3. API integrations and Orchestration – Orchestrate workflow integrations to cloud and on-premise services.

  4. Emerging Technologies – Enhance all FileMaker services with AI and advanced technologies such as AR/VR.

It will be great to see how these changes (including a new CEO, Brad Freitag, will make in practice to the Filemaker platform - both technically and commercially!

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