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Introducing Fusioo

I recently discovered Fusioo, a new online database with a strong emphasis on collaboration. 'Apps' can be created and shared with comprehensive security (to field level) and different apps are able to connect with each other within your workspace.

As you can see above, users are able to comment and communicate about specific records.


Workflow tools are included with which can be triggered by creating or updating data, a date, or run while a user is actually entering data - during which they can even alter screen layouts or permissions:


The apps can include charts and dashboards which have quite a range of flexibility for both content and layout.

Comprehensive Security

A good thing to see is that Fusioo includes pretty comprehensive control over who can see what:


This isn't a full review of Fusioo - but if you like the sound of the focus on collaboration and need to secure your data in a simple user friendly way it's definitely worth a look!

Fusioo are very open about their product roadmap (which I like) - you can see details of their plans here.

The system does not include a language like some others but does have some included workflow functionally to automate tasks - and at the time of writing can be integrated with Zapier to integrate and automate things (hopefully an Integromat link will follow).

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