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Programming Knack with Integromat (Part 3)

If you've been reading this series then you'll know that in this post I am going to look at creating a 'My Tasks' page in the app and then update the emails we have previously sent from Integromat to include a link to the relevant task in My Tasks.

Creating a My Tasks Page

For the eagle eyed, you may have seen in the app we are building that Users is already turned on - indeed we have been using the Accounts table to hold our staff to whom tasks are assigned. However, all of the pages in the app are un-secured and no log in is required.

In order to build a My Tasks page, the system will need to know who is accessing the data and therefore we will need to secure the app and ask people to log in. There are two possibilities here - the simple approach of having a user's password enable them to access the whole app - or you can set access rights independently for each page:

In this case, we can pick the simple option (it can be changed later if needed). Having configured this, we can now create a new Knack page which will display Tasks related to the Logged-in user:

We can then choose the options we want for our new page, as follows:

Here, I've opted to have a menu linking to a page to create a new task (Process Step) and also, a look from the table from which to edit and view the task. Finally, I've called it My Tasks (which will appear on the menu - this is what the default page looks like (created automatically by Knack):

Now, this may be perfect for you, but generally, the next step is to change which fields are displayed in the table and the edit/add forms as well as do things like replace the 'edit' link with a suitable Icon and so on. In this case, I also think it would be useful to group tasks by Process and sort them bu due date. In design view, the table looks something like this:

And in Live view:

Now, by default, Knack will create all the forms for you as well - however, I tend to like to have these type of input/edit screens as popups and I almost always set them so that they return to their parent page after submitting a record:


So, editing a Task / Process step will look like this:

Adding a link to the notification email

So, that's the Knack part of this sorted out - now we need to work out how to send a person a link to their task (in the previously built email).

The way this is done is to send a URL which will include the record id of the Knack record for the task. First, though, you need to know the URL of the edit page for the task. To do this, simply open the screen above and copy the URL from the address bar in the browser:

If you look at the address, the last section (between the two /s) is the record ID for the task. This can simply be inserted in the email - or you could add it as a Link within the email like this:

<b>Dear {{9.field_1_raw.first}}</b>


A new task has been assigned to you in your process {{2.field_34}}:


<b>Task:</b> {{3.field_24}}




<b>Due Date:</b> {{formatDate(addDays(2.field_41; 3.field_40_raw); "DD-MM-YYYY")}}


And here is a link to the Task in Process Manager:



Click below to add the due date to your diary:



I hope this article has proven to be useful - the aim is to show how powerful a combination Knack and Integromat are! Next time we'll work on building an Integromat process to send users reminders about overdue tasks - and how to aggregate these into one email for each user.

If you want to find out more about Knack click here.

or Integromat click here.

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Carl Holmes
Carl Holmes
Dec 24, 2019

Very interesting article, thanks for taking the time to share

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