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Using Airtable’s new Last Modified Fields with Integromat

Updated: May 13, 2019

In this post we are going to look at using Airtable’s new Last Modified field to drive processes in Integromat. This is really a game changer for Airtable - making it possible to do so much more with Integromat and Zapier…

To show the principles of this, I am going to keep the scenario quite simple - lets assume that we want to be sent an email whenever the status of an entry in our Company table changes.

The Airtable Base

In Airtable, we need a Company table with a Status field with suitable options (say Lead, Prospect, Client and Lost). We can then create a new field which we’ll call Status Last Changed:

Depending on when we want to receive our email this may be all we need - for example, an Integromat scenario could be triggered by the Status Last Updated field.

Setting up this Simple Scenario

This is going to be a simple 2 step Integromat scenario - first a Watch Records step and then a send email:


So there we have it - a process to send an email whenever the status of a record changes - really simple now with the latest changes to Integromat and Airtable!

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