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Zapier or Integromat - which should you choose?

I thought people would maybe find it useful to see a comparison of these two ostensibly similar products. Not just simply integration tools, they can be used to build logic both withinas well as between online services.


Zapier probably the market leader in this space with integrations to over 1,000 other apps and platforms Simple User Interface Excellent tools for converting formats, parsing emails, saving data for consolidated emails etc. New Paths feature adds branching logic (If Else) Push Zaps can be triggered from Chrome Extension


Integromat is a newer entrant to the space – and has more logic capabilities including looping, combining records etc Better handling of multiple records within a single process including the ability to aggregate data from them (looping in other words) Can be really useful for converting data and other complex processesFor database platforms like Knack and Airtable which don't have their own database language, Integromat can become that missing language Mobile app can trigger Scenarios from events on your mobile deviceBeautiful user interface


Both of these tools are Incredible and I use them both on behalf of clients…

Zapier has more integrations already in place – but Integromat also has a lot!


Integromat includes ALL features at all license levels (though support varies) and so can be much more cost effective for some usersExtended logic capabilities in Integromat means it can be seen as a 'language' for platforms without one built in

I hope people find this summary useful - and look forward to any comments or questions people may have!

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Nanfa Kumswa
Nanfa Kumswa
29 nov 2019

I have looked at both platforms and came to the same conclusion. Thanks for sharing.

Me gusta
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