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Which platform is best for us?
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Sarah Chilby
May 18, 2019
Hi Julian, thanks for your reply! I started playing around with Knack yesterday, and I just signed up for a trial of Ninox today. When it comes to limited views - nearly everyone in the company will need to have access to everything, except for a select few who will only be allowed to view the BLA section (which will contain overview, individual BLA's and the production planner for it). Ninox definitely seems powerful, however due to not being able to link between databases (which, I understand, is a common theme in this industry), I fear a database could get very overwhelming very quickly. I'm leaning towards knack due to the customization ability of the web app (being able to do drop down menu's is looking quite promising, as is being able to embed - I could create an entire portal for the company from scratch essentially), but then it lacks features (like a kanban view - I like how Ninox has the different views including kanban and gantt chart) and the way connections work is a little... frustrating (I love how in airtable, I can import a CSV with a column pre-filled for connections... and if the connection isn't already in the linked field, it creates it. I had a lot of trouble with knack to work out how to import contacts and companies with the connections pre-filled). Do you have any examples of a Ninox database with a large number of tables, and how it looks? Essentially everything we want could be sub-categorised like so: CRM - Companies - Councils - Customers - Contacts - Interacts/Tasks/Notes Orders & Products - Orders - Products - Inventory Tenders - Tender list - Tender assets BLA - BLA Summary - BLA's (essentially the "invoice") - Production Planner (this is the most complicated one... we have 3 main stages, which each have several machines assigned to them, which then have daily capacities forecasted, then updated with actual each day, and it goes on... honestly I think I'll need to make a copy of the file without sensitive data to really explain it haha) (we are looking at completely overhauling the "BLA" process as there's a lot of redundant steps since its been built on over the years) Plus there could be additional things we find would be beneficial to add to the database, which would likely need to link back to the CRM, so would need to be in the same database. Our head office is a small team, with everyone's jobs linked in some way, which is why everyone would need to be able to view everything. **Also I haven't imported any data into Ninox yet. Going to do it when we get home from voting, so I'll get a better feel of it then (Also, I'm in Australia) (Also, you're amazing, thanks for your advice on this)

Sarah Chilby

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